So, you’ve done it. You’ve built a business that is both profitable and sustainable. You’ve designed a system that is self-regulating and self-sustaining. You’re a power house of success. But, you’re already thinking about the next steps. How can you take your business and make it better? How can you push forward and make sure your business is ready for the future? It’s a difficult question to answer for sure. How do you know when you are ready to say that you’ve taken your business as far as it can go?

You want to create something bigger, something that you can pass on to the next generation. You have to have a clear picture of your goals, your vision, and the direction that you want to take your company in. If you want to be able to continue growing your business day after day, a good accountant can become an asset to the business.

The average small business owner spends 38% of their time managing their business vs. generating revenue.

The good news is that, with a little guidance, small businesses can get back on track, stay legal, and avoid unnecessary time, money, and stress. Businesses can take some simple steps to ensure they have a clean and professional set up, and see a clear path for the future. The tax office has a set of rules to follow when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses. These rules are not so difficult to understand, but many small businesses find themselves in trouble because they don’t follow the rules.

Accuracy, timeliness and on point are the words used by Carol Chin, the highly respected and effective accountant, to describe the importance of utilizing accounting services and the value they bring to the organization.

In a recent interview, Ms. Chin commented that “accurate, timely and on point accounting services are essential for the sustainable resources sector to reduce operational costs, a key factor in determining profitability.”

Briefly, up to 55% cost savings was achieved through eliminating redundant journal entries, entering accounts payable data directly into the general ledger, and restructuring the chart of accounts. Ms. Chin also indicated that the automation of accounts payable and accounts receivable had increased accuracy and timely payments.

Carol Chin Accounting Services is a boutique accounting firm that will work with you on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly basis to make sure that your business is operating at its peak.